SECOND TRIMESTER – apparently not as fun as people say it is.


Morning sickness. 

Every woman dreads it, not everyone is “lucky” enough to experience it.

So i have a dilemma. I was one of the lucky ones, sick all of my first trimester.. after a few weeks of staying out of the toilet bowl it’s starting up again. Now at 24 weeks i’m at it again. What are your secrets?

I have tried crackers, the two fingers every morning, the ginger tea, peppermint tea, vitamins, music therapy, spoon of vinegar, following my cravings, not following my cravings, no water whilst eating, lots of water, eating slowly, eating bland food, being too hot and being too cold.WHAT ELSE IS LEFT TO TRY?

So, what causes  morning sickness?

+ high levels of hormones

+ blood pressure fluctuations

+ changes in metabolism

+ stress

Anything i’ve missed?

What helped you out during those tough times? 



Addicted to Afrin?!



So, i got sick three months ago and sadly, started using Afrin! Don’t do that to yourself.. although you’re probably reading this because you already have and its too late to do anything about it now. So your nose is blocked.. you go to the chemist looking for a quick solution. The bored lady behind the counter glances at you and hands you a magical little box. She warns you not to use for more than two weeks. You promise, not knowing that you just sold your soul. You will now become one of too many people addicted to Afrin.

Afrin does the job. It unblocks your nose.. you sleep through the night, wake up and use it again because you are slightly congested. Thats it.. Its too late. once you use it, its so hard to go back. You realise your mistake. It burns your nose and throat. Its just disgusting. So you visit the doctor  in the hopes of another magical solution to your yucky problem- and he prescribes you creams, sprays and peppermint oil. Don’t bother. It doesn’t help. You will now not be able to breathe without it. 

After spending hours on google trying to figure out how to remedy the situation i think i nailed it. 

Start using Afrin on one side only. (Sleep on the side you used it on.) It wont be as amazing as it was on the damn thing.. But you’re now on the road to success! After some time you should feel one side of your nose regaining the normality of a nostril. Blow your nose often and go to the doctor if you see any blood. 

How did you get rid of the demon in the bottle? Please share.