A little bit about me..

autumn preg shot


I’m Maria.

I’m just another person on the internet with yet another blog.. but not just any blog. I’m not looking to sell anything, or claim i’m worth “following.” Maybe you got here by googling something completely irrelevant. Maybe you’re just bored.  Either way, here it is. My blog…


A bit about me..

I was born in australia. An amazing country filled with possibilities. Not always the gold sand and clear waters you see on the post cards or tourist sites you often frequent when looking for holiday destinations you wished you could afford.

A year ago, i met an amazing man on one of those (barely affordable) holidays. Five months later I married the love of my life. Two months after that I moved to the other side of the world- Poland. Four months, three nerve racking pee sticks later. I was pregnant.

This is my story.

Maybe you are in a similar position to me and need to know it’s possible to overcome all those negative feelings.

Or maybe, you googled “afrin addiction” and got to my blog by mere coincidence and don’t really give a crap.

Either that or you’re my mum.. 🙂

I don’t mind who you are. Comment, argue and chat. Ask questions or stay silent. Either way, thanks for sparing a moment and sharing it with me.


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