keeping mobile during pregnancy!

So, now that your pregnant, it’s hard to stay active.. up until recently, i’ve been super naughty and just lounging around. After experiencing a lot more back pain, knee pain and just more muscular pain in general, i decided to start doing some pregnancy yoga. This one is my favourite. she does it slowly and talks you through everything. this is a series of 10 minute work outs.. if the first one is too “easy” for you, don’t run away.. each video focuses on different things, some harder than others. Doing 10 mins of yoga a day is pretty nice. Practice your breathing, learn about your body and strengthen some muscles (pelvic floor, ladies!) before going into labour.


Pregnancy shapes and patterns.


When you look in the mirror, you see your bright new stretch marks, the new layer of cellulite that spans across the backs of your thighs and slowly drooping bottom. You see your sagging breasts and growing belly. You see the “new” you.

There is no pregnancy glow everyone keeps telling you about. Your hair is limp and oily. Your skin is starting to resemble your high school pizza face photos. Does this sound familiar?

If indeed it does, i have great news for you… YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY NORMAL!!

I spent years and years dreaming about falling pregnant. I couldn’t wait to feel that first kick, and to (finally) buy the bigger bra to accommodate my new growing breasts.

As I progress in my pregnancy, I love to read about what is happening to me and my baby… of course, i am bombarded with pictures of beautifully slim women with the perfectly round and spotless belly. Gosh, I wish i could look like that… but the truth is- the chances of you, me or your neighbour looking like a pregnancy model are so slim they are almost non existent… just like our waist lines! 😉

As women, we spend too much time thinking about what we look like. We forget that pregnancy is about bringing a baby into the world. A HEALTHY beautiful baby should be our priority… not our growing behinds.

Ever since moving away from australia, i am disgusted with the amount of women who starve themselves during pregnancy to achieve that “perfect” magazine pregnancy image. These nine months should be spent eating, enjoying and getting ready for the new addition to your family. There is nothing worse, than seeing your newborn for the fist time and realising its malnourished because of you.

So, that being said here are some facts-

+ an extra layer of cellulite is a natural gain. This is supposed to happen. You will lose it after you give birth!

+ stretch marks happen to almost every woman. Embrace them!

+ rashes and ppups. Not  fun, but much more common than you think!

+ brittle nails and hair? quite normal.. try taking some extra calcium/magnesium tablets!

+ new skin tags? don’t stress, they will most probably disappear after birth!

+ patchy skin? try taking some extra folic acid. studies show, pigmentation changes can stem from a folic acid deficiency.

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to have kids, I think we often forget it.

so, try to enjoy all your new body changes. ITS NOT PERMANENT!! 🙂

Hopefully you feel slightly better about yourself! Keep smiling and eat some chocolate… get the endorphins flowing!

SECOND TRIMESTER – apparently not as fun as people say it is.


Morning sickness. 

Every woman dreads it, not everyone is “lucky” enough to experience it.

So i have a dilemma. I was one of the lucky ones, sick all of my first trimester.. after a few weeks of staying out of the toilet bowl it’s starting up again. Now at 24 weeks i’m at it again. What are your secrets?

I have tried crackers, the two fingers every morning, the ginger tea, peppermint tea, vitamins, music therapy, spoon of vinegar, following my cravings, not following my cravings, no water whilst eating, lots of water, eating slowly, eating bland food, being too hot and being too cold.WHAT ELSE IS LEFT TO TRY?

So, what causes  morning sickness?

+ high levels of hormones

+ blood pressure fluctuations

+ changes in metabolism

+ stress

Anything i’ve missed?

What helped you out during those tough times? 


Addicted to Afrin?!



So, i got sick three months ago and sadly, started using Afrin! Don’t do that to yourself.. although you’re probably reading this because you already have and its too late to do anything about it now. So your nose is blocked.. you go to the chemist looking for a quick solution. The bored lady behind the counter glances at you and hands you a magical little box. She warns you not to use for more than two weeks. You promise, not knowing that you just sold your soul. You will now become one of too many people addicted to Afrin.

Afrin does the job. It unblocks your nose.. you sleep through the night, wake up and use it again because you are slightly congested. Thats it.. Its too late. once you use it, its so hard to go back. You realise your mistake. It burns your nose and throat. Its just disgusting. So you visit the doctor  in the hopes of another magical solution to your yucky problem- and he prescribes you creams, sprays and peppermint oil. Don’t bother. It doesn’t help. You will now not be able to breathe without it. 

After spending hours on google trying to figure out how to remedy the situation i think i nailed it. 

Start using Afrin on one side only. (Sleep on the side you used it on.) It wont be as amazing as it was on the damn thing.. But you’re now on the road to success! After some time you should feel one side of your nose regaining the normality of a nostril. Blow your nose often and go to the doctor if you see any blood. 

How did you get rid of the demon in the bottle? Please share.